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Smart vertical farms manufacturing for year-round cultivation without land in any room using our own patented technologies
"We strive to provide consumers all over the world with fresh, organic, healthy products, regardless of the season and climate, thanks to ATF technological solutions"
About Agrotechfarm company
Agrotechfarm company creates high-yielding production in any room through full automated cultivation processes, minimizing the human factor.

All experience in agronomy since 2012 has been implemented in technology and incorporated in the software.

A farm from Agrotechfarm is a streamlined process with supporting a team of experts.
The product brand «Vnezemnoe»
Crops grown on Agrotechfarm's technologies
We develop fresh natural ecological food brand
Growing technologies by Agrotechfarm
More than 8 years of research into methods of growing vegetables and fruits indoors.

To date, technologies for growing plant food on vertical farms using the aeroponics method have been developed and patented.

Experiments are carried out every day to obtain the best technological solutions.
Farm in any building
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Modern technologies in action
  • Full imitation of sunlight
    The proprietary lighting system simulates real natural conditions with the effects of sunrise and sunset, that allows gently illuminate the plants.
  • Optimal microclimate
    Automatic microclimate control mode allows to maintain the required temperature and humidity depending on the season and stage of growth.
  • Balanced irrigation
    There is own modules system on the farm, where the spray water with minerals gets into the roots of plants. Due to the circulation system 2 times more water is saved.
  • Nutrient control
    An automatic system for maintaining and adjusting the Ph level and minerals allows to take into account the characteristics of each plant species.
Scientific developments
Every day our team is engaged in the development of new technologies in growing
Own software
All developments and all the experience of the team are incorporated in our program section ATF Technology. Cultivation programs, farm management, agronomic observations, crop analytics and forecast.
Artificial Intelligence
We introduce artificial intelligence into the growing process, the system monitors the state of the plants in real time and can make changes to the growing process in a timely manner.
The Agrotechfarm team is developing robots to increase the automation of the cultivation process. Automated planting line, harvesting robot, self-propelled carts for moving finished products to the warehouse and shipment.
The world's first strawberry without soil and pesticides
Our company owns the world's first technology for growing strawberries using aeroponics.

All products are confirmed by laboratory certificates.
Benefits for consumers
  • Produce straight from the bush
    The fruit fully ripens on the bush, receiving all the necessary minerals.
  • Wide range
    The cultivation technology is suitable for greens, vegetables and fruits, even exotic ones.
  • Vitamin charge
    Plants contain only useful trace elements and vitamins.
  • No pesticides or chemicals
    We use only organic mineral fertilizers and do not treat plants with harmful pesticides or chemicals.
  • Landless cultivation
    Using the aeroponics method (irrigation), no land is applied, what excludes the appearance of insects. The products remain clean.
  • Same day delivery
    All products are grown in the region, so there is no long transportation and storage in warehouses.
Vertical farms by Agrotechfarm

Yekaterinburg, Russia
Launched in 2019
Sq = 100 m2; Strawberry
Productivity> 5000 kg / year

Tyumen, Russia
Launched in November 2020
Sq = 200 m2; Strawberry
Productivity> 10,000 kg / year

Chelyabinsk, Russia
Launch in March 2021
Sq = 500 m2; Strawberry
Productivity> 30,000 kg / year

Yekaterinburg, Russia
Construction in 2022
Sq = 1500 m2; Strawberry
Productivity> 100,000 kg / year
We are building our own farms
  • In any building
    The farm is located indoors and installed in any country. There are no climatic restrictions.
  • Fresh harvest every day
    The farm works all year round and is installed near the sales market. It takes no more than 1 day from the farm to the counter.
  • Saving on space and employees
    The farms are multi-level, up to 10 meters high. A room size 1500 sq m brings from 90 tons of harvest. We don't need to maintain big fields. Our staff cuts to the very minimum, all processes are automated.
  • Quick launch and maintenance
    The production full launch takes 4-6 months and is carried out by our specialists. After the launching we provide full management, including production and sales and marketing.

eco-friendly and natural product

Patents and certificates
Development strategy 2022-2027
  • 50 farms in Russia
    We have already begun to build a network of farms in the Russian Federation.
  • Worldwide expansion
    We plan to build new farms in Europe and the Gulf countries. Ready for partnership.
  • New crops
    Expansion of the range of crops: raspberries, blueberries, blackberries, cucumbers, tomatoes, lettuces and greens.
Shorter payback period
High yield with a minimum number of maintenance staff increases profitability
10 times higher yield from 1 sq.m compared to the classic cultivation method
seats for 1 sq.m useful area
kilograms of strawberries per year from 1 sq. m
World market potential
$212 bln

Capacity 2017

Market growth
$2 bln

Our outlook
  • Ilya Tsigvintsev
    CEO & Founder
    "Now it is almost impossible to find a high quality and natural product. We will change that. That is why we are developing AgroTechFarm equipment."
  • Alexandr Basov
    CCO & Co-founder
    "We strive to have healthy and fresh food locally available around the world."
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If you would like to fund a large scale commercial farm anywhere in the world, please submit a request.
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