AgroTechFarm obtains patents for the unit for growing organic vegetables, berries and greens
AgroTechFarm is a revolutionary unit for year-round growing of berries, vegetables, and greens without human intervention. High technology equipment reproduces unique conditions for growing crops, these parameters are pre-digitized and programmed in a distributed database. Simple settings in the system management do not require professional agronomic skills or knowledge in crop production, and the high performance of industrial models ensures quick payback.

Currently, the company has received 3 patents for inventions under the project. In December 2018, the Federal Service for Intellectual Property of the Russian Federation issued a patent for the invention of a device for cultivating plants.

The patent application provides a detailed description of the unit, the technologies it uses and the methods of growing crops indoors, with automatic maintenance of optimal growth conditions.

Technology description

The construction of the unit allows growing short, medium and tall plants with different types of morphological structure. The solution combines the main advantages of hydroponics and aeroponics in growing crops and eliminates the specific disadvantages of these methods.

The device and the technology it is based on automate the delivery of nutrients, implement nutrient control, starting from the seed planting stage, and allow to avoid emergency overflow of the solution, prevent the death of plants in case of irrigation pump failure. There are no nozzles and sprinklers in the system. The unit is characterized by increased reliability and doesn't require regular maintenance. Oxygenation of the nutrient solution at the roots is carried out through the holes in the sprinkling tube that goes around the pot with the plant or around the perimeter of the reservoir with the pots. This ensures uniform distribution of dissolved nutrients and oxygen. In addition, the system has an automatic water replacement function.

Intelligent lighting system

Providing an optimal environment for growing crops in conditions of limited natural sunlight in enclosed spaces requires the use of artificial light sources. AgroTechFarm uses a specially designed LED lamp that allows changing the light intensity and the ratio of the spectral composition depending on the culture, its morphology and growth stage.

The lamp controller configures different parameters of intensity and set of the spectrum. The controller receives information about the type of culture and its characteristics from the central processor. In turn, the central processor collects data by ultrasound measuring the height of the plant in a hardware way.

To increase the illumination of the lower tiers, LED lamps of the linear type are used, they are located in the corners of the growth chamber.

The ability of the intelligent artificial lighting system to configure a different spectral set and the light intensity allows it to be successfully used for the growing of a large range of plants.

Air exchange system

The ventilation system provides regular air turnover, maintaining the desired level of moisture and temperature for each specific type of plant. The controlled device models the desired climate parameters depending on the type of crop. Full air turnover in the growing room is carried out twice a minute.

The specified climatic parameters are supported by two air circulation circuits: the temperature increase circuit removes the cold air masses when the temperature in the growth chamber decreases, the reduction circuit functions in the opposite direction when the temperature rises. The use of this method allows excluding the use of air conditioning systems in close to home climate conditions, which significantly reduces the cost of equipment.

The level of moisture is controlled in the ventilation circuit by adding fine particles of water to the air flow. In addition, the functionality of the circulation circuit includes plant nutrition with carbon dioxide and pollination of crops by the method of periodic pneumatic oscillations of air. Another purpose of artificial air flow is to reproduce the natural swings of the plant stem, which contribute to its strengthening and more efficient transportation of nutrients to the leaves, flowers and fruits.

The two-stage air cleaning system with carbon and ionized filtration effectively fights odors, ensuring complete safety for people with allergic reactions.

AgroTechFarm units are available in industrial and domestic versions. The units provide a high area efficiency, have a stylish design and easily fit into any interior.