AgroTechFarm – organic green-stuff high-tech farming
Nowadays gardeners rarely grow organic berries, vegetables and greenery, considering the technology of their cultivation quite difficult and expensive. Growing strawberries, lettuce, basil, rocket salad, tomatoes, cucumbers and other crops on an industrial scale is not only fairly simple, but also economically beneficial, though not always environmentally friendly. But what if the opportunity to eat organic food becomes available to each of us?

Scientists have long been looking for alternative ways to solve agricultural problems, paying special attention to reducing the delivery chain of goods of goods to the consumer. At the same time the attempts have been made to reduce increasing product quality while reducing the cost of business in the agricultural sector.

Today, this opportunity has arisen due to the creation of the revolutionary AgroTechFarm (ATF) unit, designed for the automated cultivation of various types of fruits, vegetables and greens in home or industrial environments. Professional agronomic skills and special knowledge in crop production are not required. A unique device reproduces previously digitized and programmed in a distributed database conditions of crop photosynthesis. Users can easily control the entire growth process in a web format or via a mobile application.

ATF technology combines scientific, engineering and software solutions for growing organic crops in artificially created conditions that completely reproduce natural ones. With the new concept of saving cultivation, organic strawberries can be harvested all year-round anywhere in the world, and the high productivity of industrial units will ensure the efficient use of capital, guaranteeing a quick return on equipment.

ATF technology — how it works

An innovative solution is implemented in the interaction of two alternative methods of growing plants in an artificial environment — hydroponics and aeroponics. The first method involves feeding the crops with a special solution that surrounds the roots and doesn't require soil, the second allows you to grow plants in aerial environment, supplying nutrients to the roots in the form of an aerosol. Complex technology ensures even distribution of dissolved nutrients and oxygen at the roots, simulating the required level of moisture in the substrate and eliminating the need for human participation at all stages of growth. The unit also has a protection system that prevents plants from drying out in case of power failure for a period of 2 — 6 hours.

Other AgroTechFarm functional components:

Intelligent system of artificial lighting, formed by LED lamps, which corrects the luminous flux, changes the light intensity, the ratio of the spectral composition, and simulates the power and composition of the spectrum from 440 nm to 740 nm, depending on the type of plant and its morphological development stage;

· Air recovery system, which regularly updates the composition, maintains the desired level of humidity and air temperature in enclosed spaces, simulates the optimal climate parameters for each plant species and allows to eliminate the need for air conditioning in close-to-home climatic conditions;

· CO2 feeding unit, ensuring carbon dioxide supply to the plant. CO2 is the most important building element needed to accelerate the growth of the vegetative mass in the daytime phase and in the growing room;

· A 2-stage air cleaning system including a chamber with carbon filtration, in which volatile and semi-volatile organic compounds of a gas molecule are absorbed, and an ionized filtration unit to catch molecules that have passed a carbon filter;

· Automatic unit for diluting solution. This unit controls the supply, electrical conductivity, acidity, temperature and the selected formulation of nutrient solutions for each specific plant species, ensures the accuracy of the composition, including more than 20 vital trace elements and microorganisms.

ATF equipment is implemented in 2 versions - for shortgrowing and tall crops. The equipment has a stylish design that easily fits any interior. The device provides a high efficiency of the area, it optimizes maintenance costs and reduces logistics costs.

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